Medical Pedicure Based in Bourton On The Water

Unlike regular pedicures, a Medical Pedicure focuses on your foot health. As it is performed by a trained podiatrist, your feet will be examined and if you have any foot problems (Athlete’s foot, verrucae, pressure callous and corns) it will be identified during your appointment. You will get valuable advice about foot care at home and your podiatrist will be able to address most of your concerns. Plus, a medical pedicure will always be performed in a clean and sterile environment providing you peace of mind and no concerns about picking up bacterial or fungal infection. And on top of that you will still get the pleasure of having beautified toenails, smooth ‘babylike’ skin on your feet and a relaxing massage at the end of the treatment. What’s not to like? (Due to the appointment length the option of nail polish is not on offer at the moment)