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Fungal Nail Treatment from Podiatrist in Bourton On The Water, Gloucestershire

What is Fungal Nail Treatment?

Have you noticed a change in your toenails? Are they yellow, thick and hard to cut or are they white, brittle and seem like they have stopped growing? In this case you might suffer from nail fungal infection. It can be very challenging to treat, especially if it’s been there for a few years. It might affect the nail bed and prevent your nail from growing healthily. The longer it has been on your nails, the smaller the chance there is to recover a healthy nail plate. The success of the treatment will depend on the joint effort of you and your podiatrist.

We will be able to advise you on the best treatment option available for your condition. Full nail recovery can take up to 18 months and even then, the nail might not look ‘normal’. However, if you need a ‘quick fix’, we can offer nail reconstruction as a solution. Please book our initial consultation appointment to start your journey to healthier nails.


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