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Are your nails looking thick and yellow? Are they misshaped due to a previous injury? Do you have to wear closed shoes even when it's hot? Let us try to help you with that problem. 


Nail Reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure for changing the appearance of  damaged or fungal toenails instantly. To make nails look more natural, specific modifying gel is applied to improve the appearance of the nail. 

Anyone is suitable for nail reconstruction, as the gel used is a very natural colour. You can apply and remove nail vanish as many time as you like. 

It is specially designed for toenails and can last for up to 8 weeks. 

However, we will ask you not to play ‘football’ or not to swim straight after the procedure. 

The procedure will be explained and discussed in detail by the podiatrist during the appointment, as well as possible side effects and after care.


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